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Anti-Covid-19 security protocol

Safety first of all!

By ETA BETA all users are welcomed in compliance with the national, regional and local legislation provided for the prevention of Covid-19.
Our security protocol, which has always been present but recently strengthened to drastically reduce the probability of contagion, is based on the practices listed below.

Space hygiene

All spaces are cleaned and treated with specific disinfectants. Particular attention is paid to frequently touched parts (such as counters, handles, taps, switches).

Limited admissions

Each entrance is regulated by booking and appointment.
Admissions are allowed on a one-by-one basis after checking the body temperature.

Limited seats

In order to ensure maximum safety for students and teachers in terms of distancing, for some activities (such as after-school or group courses) we welcome a limited number of users.

Disinfectants and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All people entering must wear a mask. It is mandatory to periodically sanitize your hands; for this purpose specific disinfectants are available.

Safety distance

The interpersonal distance to the desks is approximately 8ft 2in. The one between students of different rows is at least 3ft 3in.
Teachers work at a distance of at least 3ft 3in.

Use of the toilets

Each bathroom is equipped with a dispenser with antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer and disposable paper towels.

Backpacks, bags and trolleys

Backpacks, bags and trolleys must always remain resting on the floors. Never on chairs and benches.

Consumption of food and beverages

Students can consume food and drinks brought in from outside. Wraps and bottles must be disposed of in the special bins that are emptied and disinfected daily by our staff.

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