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Basic IT course

The course is aimed at all those who are not familiar with the use of the Personal Computer (PC) and want to learn how to use it in a quick and easy way. It is designed to provide all the basic tools for a correct use of the operating system and the most common software in use on the market, including applications for surfing the internet and managing e-mail. The ideal students are therefore children, teenagers, teachers and more generally all those who need a PC for study or for work without having particular technical needs.
The full course has a duration of 24 hours (against 40/50 hours on average offered by the competition at much higher costs), and is structured to make sure that the lessons interfere as little as possible with the daily commitments or with your own time free.

Course structure
The course is structured in 4 modules. One of these can be freely chosen by the user among 3 options (spreadsheet and graphics, photo editing, video acquisition and editing). The structure of the modules is as follows:
It will be possible to learn the basic use of the PC and the fundamental techniques that allow you to keep it in perfect working order, always updated and protected from external attacks by viruses, malware, adware, spyware and hacking. Furthermore, the user will be able to:
Install and uninstall programs;
Install and configure printers or other external devices (scanner, multimedia board, etc.);
Burn data (photos, music, texts) on external media (CD/DVD);
Make a backup copy of the PC documents and settings;
Solve problems due to accidental loss of data, malfunction of the operating system used and incorrect configurations that slow or compromise PC performance. The use of specialized external technicians will thus be reduced to the minimum necessary, with considerable savings.
This module allows learning the basic techniques for using Microsoft Word* as word processing software and its application in:
Correspondence: creation of letters, faxes, labels and personalized envelopes;
Drafting: thesis creation, papers, research. reports, reports, handouts and other printed material with professional appearance.
The user will learn the use and the fundamental techniques of surfing the Internet, using the most common browsing browsers (Edge*, Firefox**, Chrome***). The basics that allow safe browsing will also be illustrated.
In the same way it will be possible to learn the basic techniques for the creation of an e-mail address and its management, through the use of Microsoft Outlook*.

The user will be able to master the basic Microsoft Excel* interface for creating workbooks containing spreadsheets and charts. Some examples of practical application are the following:
Research data collection: historical data, time sheet, activity calendar;
Graphic construction: trends, returns, statistics.
Thanks to specific software characterized by simplicity of utlizzo it will be possible to master the fundamental techniques for:
Acquire and save photos taken with your digital camera on your PC;
Retouch photos by eliminating their imperfections (for example by removing the "red eye" effect) and optimizing their appearance, colors and exposure (brightness and contrast);
Add special effects.
With the use of simple but effective programs it will be possible to master the basic techniques for:
Capture and save on your PC the videos taken with your camcorder;
Adding special video effects (transitions between scenes, titles and subtitles) and audio (inserting a musical soundtrack or particular sound effects);
Burn the processed video to DVD to make it playable on any DVD player for home use.

Certification issued
At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be issued with a profit certified by ETA BETA as "Expert in basic computer science".

Duration of the course
The course is individual or aimed at a maximum of 6 students per group; in the absence of a regularly constituted group, it is paid individually, consequently participation is assured.
The course has a total duration of 24 hours.
The recommended total duration of the course is 2 months (2 weekly lessons of 1.5 hours each). In any case, the course can not exceed 3 months. The dates and times of the lessons are freely agreed with the user.

Methods of participation
To take part in the course it is necessary to book at the office, at ETA BETA, via Giacomantonio, 4/A - Cosenza, by appointment to be agreed by calling +39098435697 (Monday to Friday, from 10.00 to 13.30 and from 15.30 to 18.30).
The reservation does not imply any obligation, neither for the aspiring student, nor for the ETA BETA. In the case of acceptance of the reservation request, ETA BETA will give appropriate communication to the aspiring participant who, if interested in attendance, will sign the course registration form.
At the time of subscription, the first advance will be paid, as foreseen by the Cost Plan (available on specific request at our telephone numbers or at the headquarters). In accordance with the laws in force, the student may exercise the right to reconsider, withdrawing from the registration within 10 working days of its signing (by sending a registered letter a/r or a telegram or fax followed by a registered letter with a/r within 48 hours), obtaining the refund of the amount paid as an advance (deducted from the cost of the lessons already attended, which will be regularly invoiced) and without having to pay any amount as a penalty.

Further informations
  • Calling the numbers: +39098435697 - +393395985766 (Monday to Friday: from 10.00 to 13.30 and from 15.30 to 18.30);
  • In place by appointment: ETA BETA S.a.s. - Via Stanislao Giacomantonio, n. 4/A (cross Piazza Loreto) - 87100 Cosenza (the exact location is on our website in the contacts section).

Summary of characteristics
  • Insured participation
  • Dates and times freely negotiable
  • 1 PC workstation for each participant
  • Groups of up to 6 participants
  • Educational material included
  • End of course certificate included
  • Qualified teachers
  • Payment in installments without interest

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