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University Test in Medicine Cosenza

UniversiTest by ETA BETA is the best and most complete solution to prepare for the admission tests to the Faculties of Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry, Veterinary and Health Professions.
The UniversiTest courses are held in Cosenza, in the classrooms of the ETA BETA, and free the students from having to support the inconvenience and the costs of transfer and stay at training centers located outside the Calabrian territory.
The courses are individual; the teacher is one to one in relationship with the student. This optimizes the learning of the various disciplines, guaranteeing excellent results.
Finally, the courses are limited in number of participants.

Advantages of UniversiTest
The complexity of the ministerial tests for access to the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery is known to all.
This is a set of closed-ended questions that deal with topics of general culture, logical reasoning, english language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and other disciplines related to the medical area.

The difficulty is accentuated by the short time available for the resolution of each question. The result is that - often - despite having a good degree of preparation, the aspiring members answer in an incorrect way, and this because of the combination of factors (difficulty / speed) that makes the outcome unfavorable.

UniversiTest allows the immediate learning of notions and effective techniques to minimize the error rate, greatly increasing the chances of success.
This is made possible by a staff of teachers with a high profile of specialization, coming from the medical, humanistic, mathematics and science, which - working in a team - allow the trainees to achieve a level of security no doubt much higher than what one would face the tests without adequate preparation.

The course participants will have the chance to:
  • Integrate the level of knowledge already possessed thanks to school education
  • Learn the most effective techniques for analyzing and solving questions
  • Practice and participate in simulations based on tests similar to those of the ministerial ones
  • Acquire a high level of final preparation.

Teaching staff, methodology and teaching materials
ETA BETA has over twenty years' experience in organizing and managing preparation and training courses.

This allows you to scrupulously select the teaching staff of UniversiTest in order to guarantee excellent results.
Inside there are high-level professionals, including:
  • Medical specialists
  • University professors
  • Experts in scientific matters
  • Experts in humanistics
  • Experts in mathematical logic

The teaching methodology provides an approach in line with the specific needs of each individual student, with whom the teachers interact constantly.

During the courses, educational material is provided in both paper and multimedia formats (CD-Rom).

For the duration of the courses an online help desk is activated that allows students to:
  • To interact with the ETA BETA in order to allow the latter to collect in itinere the requests and indications of the students even on the days when there is no training activity
  • To monitor at all times the results of the simulations and the level of preparation achieved.

The classrooms in which the UniversiTest courses take place are in a building located in the center of Cosenza, in via Stanislao Giacomantonio 4 / A, easily reachable by all means.
It is 750 meters (2 minutes) from the bus station; 2 km. (6 min.) From the train station (well connected to the center by public transport); 1.2 km. (3 min.) From the Cosenza motorway junction and 67 km. (53 min.) From Lamezia Terme international airport. There are many parking possibilities: in addition to street parking (with both free and paid areas) there are 3 paid parking areas (Piazza Bilotti, Court, Via Alberto Serra) the nearest of which is at a distance of 50 meters.

Further informations
Further information can be found in our contact section.

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