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ETA BETA Company


The ETA BETA company was founded in Cosenza (Italy) in 1996 with the idea, the will and the commitment of wanting to operate in the services sector for education and training in innovative ways.

Working fields

In the field of Education we have activated a service of afternoon school for users of all ages and all levels of school, adding to this the possibility of preparing exams and university exams and completing the offer with foreign language and IT courses.

In the field of Vocational training we have chosen as the catchment area first of all school facilities, involving the teaching staff, non-teaching staff and the students themselves. In respect of this specific target market, we develop experimental ad hoc training courses, funded through EU, ministerial and Institute funds.
The quality of the training and the experience acquired over the years also effectively extend our services to businesses, associations, public and private institutions and other educational institutions that have made it and make it constantly request, using the EU funds and ensuring the proper execution of the progress of each action.

We complement our traditional offerings with a range of other innovative services with high value-added, always aimed at the development and competitiveness of the enterprises.
We design and develop websites for businesses and schools, and implement e-learning platforms for Distance Learning.
We offer advice and technical assistance for the creation of enterprises and the development of self as well as services for the modernization, internationalization and competitive growth of public and private companies.
We conduct sessions for personnel selection on behalf of public and private companies.
We offer a rental service classrooms for courses, meetings, and sessions of personnel selection.

Objectives and methods

Our main goal has always been complete customer satisfaction through the provision of services with high added value and characterized by reasonable and competitive costs. We strongly believe that we can achieve excellent results without having to download the client the cost of the added value of what we offer. These - together with the professionalism and punctuality in the execution of our services - are the strengths that distinguish us from the competition in a field where often reign improvisation and unreliability.

The method by which we pursue and reach our goals is the constant measurement of our services and business practices through the comparison with our competitors stronger and more influential (what is called benchmarking). The deal with the outside ensures a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency of our internal processes, the renewal of the corporate culture and continuous improvement. In other words, we ourselves first to make " continuing education".
Constant dialogue with the customers, in addition, guarantees the proper interpretation of their needs and determine their total satisfaction.

Our company, already accredited by the Region of Calabria in relation to macro-areas "higher education" and "continuing education", is currently achieving quality certification. We believe that we have acquired - either on our own or in partnership with other educational institutions - considerable experience in the field of training, from projecting, continuing with actions of teaching, tutoring and coordination and ending with the assessment, monitoring and financial reporting.


In order to ensure quality and professionalism in the services we offer, our team is made up as follows:
Executive staff: is composed of three members, the general partner - legal representative - comes from the field of active employment policies and vocational training and directing at the same time the two main areas of interest identified in the company's education and training areas. The two limited partners come respectively from school and IT technologies.
Operating group: is comprised of more than 400 teachers who are specialized in a variety of disciplines; expert monitoring and evaluation; graders, tutors (classroom , internships, counseling and distance learning), psychologists and educational psychologists, experts guidance, budget of skills, workplace safety, quality systems and administrative staff.

In conclusion, relying on ETA BETA means to have the guarantee of a service in tune with their needs, innovative, professional, competitive in terms of quality and cost-convenient.

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