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Professional qualification courses Cosenza

For private individuals, ETA BETA designs and manages professional training courses totally free, as financed by the European Union (ESF, ERDF, FEOGA) through the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Policies, the Calabria Region and of the Province of Cosenza.
In some cases the courses provide for the payment of an economic incentive to the students.

The types of the course are essentially two:
1) Courses aimed at issuing a certificate of attendance;
2) Courses aimed at issuing a certificate of professional qualification.
In both types, the certificates issued are recognized by the Region of Calabria, and in type 2 they can also provide an employment outlet, at partner companies that request it and / or participate in the realization of the course itself.
A third type is that of free courses, aimed at issuing a certificate of attendance or professional qualification, both recognized by the Calabria Region. This particular type of offer is the only one to provide for the single participant the payment of a sum for participation in the course. Unlike other organizations operating in the professional training sector, ETA BETA offers free courses at competitive costs and therefore not high for the user, while maintaining a high quality profile, both in terms of teachers involved and the spendability of the certificate in the market of work.

The teaching methods used are those of:
  • Traditional training, to be enjoyed at our structure in classrooms specially equipped with the most modern audiovisual aids and in laboratories equipped with the latest generation PC systems.
  • Distance education (FaD), to be enjoyed at home, in connection via the Internet with the teachers, through special web platforms set up according to the course.
  • Learning by doing (training on the job, work experiences, training vouchers, training traineeships), to be used in special stages at the host companies, which allow learning the practice of work directly in the field.
The methods can be used individually or in combination with each other, to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The final beneficiaries are generally people in search of first employment, unemployed and unemployed people of short and long duration, without age limits and residents in Calabria.

The invitations to take part in the courses are always published in newspapers with regional circulation, periodicals of wide diffusion, by posting posters and posters, both in the permitted urban spaces, in the territorially competent Employment Centers and, naturally, via Internet on our site, in the Activated courses section.

For further informations please call +39098435697 - +393395985766.

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