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Rent rooms Cosenza

Plan and photo
Our classrooms are the ideal solution for those who need to manage training courses, meetings, assemblies and staff selection sessions in a modern, comfortable and in accordance with the provisions of the law on training and conventions.

Planimetria Eta Beta
PC classroom
Left view - Certified capacity of 16 people. Can comfortably accommodate 20.
PC classroom
Right view
Teaching room
Certified capacity of 18 people. Can comfortably accommodate 25.
Meeting room
Certified capacity of 8 people.
The classrooms are in a building located in the center of Cosenza, via Stanislao Giacomantonio 4 / A (cross of Piazza Loreto), easily accessible by all means. It is 750 meters (2 minutes) from the bus station; 2 km. (6 min.) From the train station (well connected to the center by public transport); 1.2 km. (3 min.) From the Cosenza motorway junction and 67 km. (53 min.) From Lamezia Terme international airport. There are many parking possibilities: in addition to street parking (with both free and paid areas) there are 3 paid parking areas (Piazza Bilotti, Court, Via Alberto Serra) the nearest of which is at a distance of 50 meters.

The structure is in compliance with all the provisions of the law on security (Legislative Decree 626/94 and subsequent amendments and additions). This with particular reference: to the adjustment of the electrical system (also equipped with anti-blackout emergency lights); in the presence of anti-fire devices and fireproof furniture; the rationalization of the exit routes (clear indication of the escape routes and anti-panic locks). There are two bathrooms divided by gender, one of which is set up for people with disabilities.

Description and equipment
  • The classroom no. 1 is square meters 35,20 (with a certified capacity of 18 people, but can comfortably accommodate 25) and is freely configurable, that can become a waiting room with adjoining meeting room (separated by a sliding door and with separate entrances), convenient solution for personnel selection needs.
  • The classroom no. 2 is square meters 32 (with a certified capacity of 16 people, but can comfortably accommodate 20).

Both classrooms are equipped with comfortable solid wood tables and upholstered ergonomic armchairs.
The amenities include:
- PC workstations with large LCD monitors
- Customizable software according to needs
- Videoprojector, for sharing lessons and multimedia presentations
- DVD, DivX, SACD, CD, MiniDV and VHS (Home Theater/DTS) media player
- Light board, flip and fixed
- Digital copier
- Telephone/fax line and possibility of broadband Internet connection
- Other special features are available on specific request.

Further informations and reservations
Calling the numbers: +39098435697 - +393395985766 (from Monday to Friday, with hours 10.00 / 13.30 - 15.30 / 18.30)

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