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Retraining courses for Cosenza companies. Updating of school staff

For companies (public and private) and schools (by now equated with companies in all respects), ETA BETA plans and manages (directly, as a proposing body or in partnership with the company/school, as a body Manager) professional training courses co-funded by the European Union (ESF, ERDF, FEOGA) through the Ministry of Labor, the Calabria Region and the Province of Cosenza. It also carries out continuous training courses financed by the Interprofessional Joint Funds.

The training course is assisted in every phase, starting from the elaboration of the project proposal, continuing with the management of the course itself, both under the profile of the technical development that under the monitoring, the carrying out of any training stages, the exams finals and concluding with the final reporting phase at the co-financing body.

The types of the course are essentially four:
1) Refresher courses, aimed at updating the professionalism of managers, executives, executives and company employees, in relation to the professional profile of each, making it more competitive and spendable in the labor market
2) Corporate retraining courses, aimed at building totally new professional skills, reconverting professional profiles no longer necessary for company life or enhancing existing profiles and thus preserving the job retention.
In both cases it is expected to issue a certificate of attendance or professional qualification recognized by the Calabria Region.
The financing of these courses is partly by the European Union and partly by the company itself; however, taking the course during normal business hours, the cost is practically already paid as an hourly wage
3) Free courses of continuous training financed by the Interprofessional Joint Funds, which respond - as characteristics - to the two types listed above. They differ only from the method of financing, which is provided by the Interprofessional Joint Funds (Fon.AR.Com) to companies that choose to allocate 0.30% of the contributory mountain of employees and managers (originally paid to INPS) to the Fund. The company cost (co-financing) is already paid as an hourly wage. It is therefore a training that does not require additional costs to the company.
4) Courses aimed at employability, in which companies wishing to hire new staff can prepare it for entry into the work environment, in order to have the advantage of having human resources ready to enter effectively into the business context of reference .
Students, future employees of the company, receive a certificate of professional qualification recognized by the Calabria Region.
The financing of this type of courses - when it is not otherwise provided - is generally charged to the European Union.

The course types can also be financed through CIPE, PON, POR or Institute funds. The following are the main types:
1) Training and refresher courses for teaching and non-teaching staff of educational institutions of all levels;
2) Training courses for work orientation;
3) Training actions aimed at the prevention and containment of early school leaving;
4) Initiatives aimed at encouraging the spread of entrepreneurial culture within schools;
5) Realization of special internship training courses at local, national and international level for groups of young students attending secondary or first level secondary schools;

The teaching methods used are those of:
  • Traditional training, to be enjoyed at our facility (or at company or school facilities, if up to standard) in classrooms specially equipped with the latest audiovisual aids and in laboratories equipped with the latest generation PC systems.
  • Distance learning (FaD), to be used at the company workplace, in connection via the Internet with the teachers, through specific web platforms set up according to the course.
  • Learning by doing (training on the job, work experiences, training vouchers, training internships), to be used in special stages at the host companies or schools, which allow learning the practice of work directly in the field.
The methods can be used individually or in combination with each other, to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The final beneficiaries are - in the case of companies - managers, managers, managers and employees of small and medium-sized enterprises and public administrations. In the case of schools, on the other hand, school managers, teachers, non-teaching staff and ATAs and students.

Invitations for participation in courses (where these provide for selections) are always published in newspapers with regional circulation, periodicals of widespread dissemination, by posting posters and posters, both in the permitted urban spaces, and in the territorially competent Employment Centers, of course, via the Internet on our site, in the Activated courses section.

For further informations please call +39098435697 - +393395985766.

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