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Calabria is notoriously a region characterized by a territory with a high seismic risk and hydrogeological instability. Often it is unfortunately in the limelight of the news due to disastrous events generated by floods, landslides and landslides.

The ETA BETA on the basis of these considerations offers free and subject to availability of its consultants, in the areas of the province of Cosenza which was formally recognized by the Italian government the status of disaster area as a result of natural disaster, consulting support in the following areas:
  • Design of training courses aimed at building skills and professional profiles to prevent, face and manage the state of disasters;
  • Technical assistance aimed at entrepreneurial activities aimed at economic recovery in areas affected by natural catastrophic events (support for business creation and development of self-employment);
  • Consultancy aimed at identifying special financial instruments for training or entrepreneurial activities for the areas in crisis.

All this is part of a spirit of solidarity with the affected communities, which in cases such as these need not only logistical and infrastructural support but also social and economic recovery, aspects often underestimated in an economic system that in these cases should be oriented above all - and especially in areas affected by exceptional natural events - the revival of skills and the economy in general.

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