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Welcome to the ETA BETA website

ETA BETA is in Cosenza since 1996 as a company specialized in providing services for vocational education and training.
The offer stands out for its competitiveness, high professionalism and cheapness compared to its competitors.
Below is an overview of our services, which can be consulted in detail by selecting the relevant buttons or links (text in red color).
All the activities on site implement a strict anti-Covid-19 security protocol to protect the health and safety of students and teachers.
Parallel to these we offer everyone the opportunity to take advantage of our lessons in "remote" mode, with the same quality and professionalism of face-to-face teaching.
Any further clarification can be requested from our staff, available at the contact details listed in the contacts section.
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Utilities, infos and reviews
Satisfied with the excellent work done with my daughter.
Extremely qualified and kind staff.
(Letizia L.)
Seriousness, professionalism and courtesy distinguish the Cosenza training center.
(Giusy P.)
Really compliments for great professionalism and competence! Ad maiora semper and thank you very much ❤️.
(Roberto, Mariarita e Francesco B.)
Quality, seriousness, professionalism; a few words to summarize the work of Eta Beta.
(Marina C.)
Healthy environment and well-trained teachers. A great help for kids in need.
(Arsenia P.)
One of the most valuable training centers in the area. Trained teachers and kind people. My personal opinion is very positive.
(Jessica G.)
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